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How to live a happy and fulfilled life

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

The key to living a fulfilled life is making yourself feel better without changing who you are or giving up on what you want out of life. When we stop using negative emotions as an excuse for bad decisions (such as quitting a job), we make room for healing within ourselves so that we can continue making positive changes from within ourselves instead of externally depending on others' opinions about us or their advice about how things should be different than when they were younger - which could always be true too!

It starts with first identifying which areas of your life you are dissatisfied with. Once this is clearly defined, the subsequent steps will help you get a little closer to becoming more purposeful and joy-filled.

1. Managing Your Dissatisfaction

To live a more fulfilling life, you must first identify which aspects of your current life are distressing or unsatisfactory. Consider various aspects of your life to determine which are the most frustrating to you. Close your eyes and ask yourself, "Which aspect of my life most dissatisfies me?". Start with whatever comes to mind first.

For example, your attention may have been drawn immediately to your job, relationship, or friendships. If that's what came up, it's most likely what's bothering you the most.

2. Make an action plan with SMART goals

Concentrate on the most immediate area where you want to improve and set action-based goals for improvement. Use SMART goals, that is, goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound.

For example, if your job is unsatisfactory, you might consider quitting, returning to school to change careers, or finding creative ways to make your current job more fulfilling. If you decide to change careers, you may need to set several goals, such as obtaining financial assistance and admission to the desired program. Break down each of your goals so that you can tackle them one at a time, then set a reasonable deadline for completing the goal.

3. Track your progress regularly

As you move along towards your goals, be sure to reflect on your progress. Checking out how far you've come boasts motivation to keep going. It also assists you in determining whether or not you're now contented with one area and can switch your attention to another.

4. Building Good Habits

Every day, test yourself. Doing something that challenges you every day is one of the best ways to develop good habits that support a fulfilling life. Find one thing you can do that will push you out of your comfort zone and do it.

End each day reflecting on your day went. Try writing your thoughts in a journal, and making a note of any accomplishments you made during the day.

5. Encourage yourself every day.

A fulfilling life is a charged and exciting life, so seek out inspiration on a daily basis. Revisit your goals, make a vision board, listen to podcasts or audiobooks, or recite empowering quotes each day. Even if you are dissatisfied with your current situation, seeking daily inspiration can keep you motivated to keep changing your situation and achieve your objectives.

7. Being true to your values

Identify what is most important to you. Figure out your values. Your guiding principles and beliefs determine your path forward in life, such as honesty or family values. If you find it hard to pinpoint your values, ask yourself a few questions: "What traits do I appreciate most about myself? What traits do I appreciate about others?”, “What accomplishments am I most proud of?” It may help to write out your values in a journal.

8. Find work that helps you make an impact

Live a meaningful life by doing work that reflects your values. Be sure that you are able to share your gifts in a meaningful way—whether through a day job, an after-hours hustle, a hobby, or volunteerism. Volunteer or help out those in need. This can be as simple as graciously helping out a neighbour or friend in need or volunteering a few hours each week. When you give back in ways that support your values, you'll feel most fulfilled.

9. Surround yourself with a tribe of like-minded people

Think about how nourishing and positive your social relationships are. Don't feel bad about it, either. You must remove dead weight and toxic relationships to truly thrive and make room for healthy connections.

10. Having Good Health and Well-Being

Set aside "me" time. To return that love and support to yourself, you must pour love and support onto others. Consider doing something you love, taking care of yourself, or pursuing a goal that you are passionate about. Every day, take an hour for yourself.

Use this time constructively, such as by writing in a journal, taking a contemplative walk in nature, or reading a personal development book.

Be aware of signs of mounting stress, such as difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, or unexplained aches and pains. Keep stress at bay by not over-committing to nonessential responsibilities or overloading your schedule, staying away from negative or draining people, and practicing relaxation techniques.

Maintaining a regular self-care routine can prevent life stress from becoming overwhelming,

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